Significance of Saturday


The thought of an approaching “SUNDAY” fills you up with joy, doesn’t it? Ah! Those endorphins! Oh, Wait!! Did I just hear endorphins? Trust me that emotion will only last from the time you leave your office premises on Saturday evening till you wake up on Sunday morning to find yourself buried under a pile of house chores that were supposed to be done during the week. It is also the day where you were looking forward to spending some time with your family, and that too flies away in a spur of the moment when some unwanted guest barges in unannounced. Can you believe it? In the only day, you thought was yours is now “poof” gone.

Isn’t it frustrating? By the time you manage to finish all those chores, you! My friend; would have missed the boat of “Me” time. And before you have realized what’s missed, you will have to start catching up with your very mundane life at the office, at the same time still serving the needs of the family at home. So, forget about something called personal life, space, and entertainment.

If you folks are working in India, I bet every single one of you would have had these thoughts at least once. If not! You are simply a “Workaholic”. However, how nice would it be if we had two days off in a week? On Saturday, we finish our chores, visit relatives, spend time with family etc, and Sunday can be the day to have some “Me” time.

Most of the developed countries have been following this work culture for years. And people there are more excited to go back to work after a nice relaxing weekend. Not only does it elevate their ability to focus at work but also makes them more productive.

It is high time we learn from them. These days, this kind of work culture is starting to take hold in many metropolitan cities around India. However, many private companies still have a conservative attitude towards changing their ways.

A private company’s ideology is always focused on profit and often tends to forget their diligent employees who enabled them to make a profit. They should understand that a stress-free employee at work is far more productive than a work environment filled with disgruntled people who are fighting hard to manage time between home and work. I am not implying that giving weekends off to employees is a universal solution to all the problems in a company, but it would be a good start towards having a peaceful work place and productive weekdays. “If the companies want their men to do best, then they have to give their men some rest”.


One thought on “Significance of Saturday

  1. Well , your thought is good for emloyees in India,but do you think about that profit holders? They only interested in their famileis n their profits.who cares about others problem.


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