Why use a pen, When you can print.


Why most of the Indian doctor’s handwriting looks like noodles in a bowl? Is it because they are not good at remembering the mammoth sized medical terms? Or, is it because they can cover their ass when they screw up the diagnoses?  The good news is that “No one can read”!


Well! Let me tell you that one day I went to see my specialist and he penned something down on the prescription and asked me to visit him after 4 months with the test results.

Since I couldn’t decipher what was written, I decided to pay a visit to my general physician. I believed that he could read what was written on that prescription. However, neither he nor the laboratory guys could understand what was written. Ha-ha! That’s a bummer; a doctor cannot interpret another doctor’s handwriting. With no options left, I made a call to my specialist asking him what tests he may have prescribed. Any guesses as to what came next? He himself couldn’t remember what tests he has prescribed.

Now, here is what I would suggest to all Indian doctors. Wake up! It’s time to go Digital. These days every doctor carries a laptop or has a desktop in their clinic, now how hard is it to type down the details of a patient and their prescriptions?

Digitalization makes life easier, it will help the doctors remember the patient’s medical details, will help when suddenly a patient calls and ask about the test prescribed. Every patient’s medical history and ongoing treatment will be just a click away. Thus, if a printed copy of the prescription is provided to every patient, with dosage information, it will not just make their life easier, but it will also save energy and time for Doctors and Pharmacists.

Here, let me share some of my good experiences with the German medical system. In Germany, almost all the doctors provide a printed copy of the prescription. Which we can file and carry it next time we visit the doctor. However, if we happen to forget to carry our prescription. No problem! our doctors have already stored it for us in their computer.

PS: This is how a prescription in Germany looks like.

EB3How would you feel if your doctor provides a prescription like this?EB31.jpgEB32.jpgThese are the printed prescription for Pharmacies.





2 thoughts on “Why use a pen, When you can print.

  1. Keeping a digital record of patient history will also help patients in switching doctors when they move to a new place. It will also be of great use to the insurance industry to decide on premiums and checking for pre-existing conditions. It is so easy to do it, the things needed for it are already in place.

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