Eating Our Way To Extinction



I don’t understand why we still show this particular interest in cuisines serving exotic animals knowing the fact that it’s only going to threaten our own survival if they go extinct.

We “The Homos-sapiens” came into existence some thousand years ago, and with our basic survival instincts we hunted, but the big turn of events came about with the discovery of “Fire”, which enabled us to cook the raw meat, eventually leading to lower rates of mortality. The onset of civilization began with the practice of agriculture which finally made us settle down and form ourselves a so-called “human society/settlements”, thereby increasing the rate of development in all aspects of life.

Before the invention of farming, geographical locations with cold weather were not so conducive for cultivation. This meant that grains, fruit, vegetables containing the essential nutrients for a healthy living could not be grown in these environments. Thus it made humans of that particular habitat dependent on the consumption of meat; also they were not able to transport the food from another part of the globe. But now with the technology in hand, we are not just able to farm and grow stuff which is not even native to that particular habitat, but we are even able to transport food in just a matter of days to any corner of the world.

These days farming is not just been confined to fruits, grains, and vegetables, but we have also started farming other species of animals too viz. Chicken, Pig, Fish and so on. Thus we have practically taken ourselves out of the food chain.

In the normal course of nature, when an animal is sexually active it will look for a partner to reproduce with. Once it goes through all the subsequent processes of mating and birthing, it takes a certain amount of time to raise its offspring, and once the offspring have learned the art of survival they become independent and seek their own future, leaving its mother to get back into the reproduction cycle again. In the case of the farmed animals, we control the reproduction cycle, we take away the offspring from the mother and force her to go back into reproduction cycle early, and with the current advances in genetic engineering, we have been able to increase the yield from animal husbandry.

However, a whale, which still plays by rule of nature, in its whole lifespan produces only a certain amount of offspring, and if it is killed for the pleasure of our taste buds, we are not just diminishing the number of calves in the aquatic world, but by doing so we are disturbing the whole ecosystem and putting that particular species on the brink of extinction. Well!

It works on the same concept of “Deforestation”. A tree needs years to grow and become fully matured, but the rate at which the trees are being brought down is faster than the rate at which they grow. A single tree might take several years to grow to its maturity, but it only takes few minutes to take it down, leading to various issues related to climate change.

There is no scarcity of food in this world. We get enough yields from what we farm. However consuming non-farmed animals or so called “Exotic Meat” is undoubtedly going to hinder the perfectly functioning ecosystem and for the better good of our own human society, now is the time to open our eyes and realize the consequences of our actions. Thus it’s wise to stop eating “Exotic Meat”.






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